Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mar & Korina: The truth and nothing but

FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo The Philippine Star

Have they or haven’t they? Split, that is.
That cliché question has been hounding Mar Roxas (soon-to-be the new DOTC head) and Korina Sanchez for months, partly fanned by a “kuryente” broadsheet report that a “third party” (said to be a highly-placed socialite) had caused their break-up.

True or not?

“What do you think?” Korina asked your columnist before she and Mar hied off “somewhere” (more on this in a while), her smiling face flashing that “naku, naniwala ka naman sa mga tsismoso at tsismosa,” at the same time insinuating that their detractors are deadset on trying — in vain! — to destroy their marriage. The couple is celebrating their second wedding anniversary in October this year.

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