Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bernadette Sembrano undergoes therapy against Bell's Palsy

Bernadette Sembrano

Yesterday on Salamat Dok, Bernadette Sembrano-Aguinaldo talked about Bell's Palsy. It is a form of facial paralysis that can cause inability to control facial muscles on the outside. It needs to undergo therapy to recover from this illness. That's why she needs to leave her work. After she undergoes surgery on her cyst in ovaries, she will be facing another challenge that will change to her life. Bernadette was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. 

According to her via Twitter, she will take a rest first as she will undergo her therapy session. With the Salamat Dok Team, she knew about this disease and as the reminder. The disease can heal itself and can be treated as fast as it could with the help of therapeutic procedures.The whole staff is also supported Ms. Sembrano for her speedy recovery.

"Therapy is very important. And important is early detection. Anything unusual should be brought to doc's attention. Thanks to sdok team", she said.

She discovered this illness while she is in Davao for Sagip Kapamilya. Due to its hot weather condition, the symptoms were manifested. And during to her live taping in Salamat Doc, her ears were irriated.

As of this moment, she is now better, but she will continue her therapy and acupuncture session in the hospital. The whole News and Current Affairs family is praying and supporting her fast recovery.

I hope she will be better now. We will pray for you, Ate B. and wishing you a 100 percent recovery. God will guide you all the time. Keep on fighting Ate B. :)

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