Friday, July 1, 2011

Gretchen works hard at working it (Article from Business Mirror)

Gretchen Fullido is a walking contradiction. She has the body of a ditzy bombshell but once she opens her mouth, she talks sense. And she means business.

Many do not know this but the young host-reporter is a veteran of sorts in showbizness, starting out years ago as a showbiz wannabe. But she has proven herself tenacious, and has slowly but surely made a name for herself.

Now Fullido is seen nightly in not one but two shows: TV Patrol on ABS-CBN and The Wrap on Studio 23. Things are indeed looking bright for Gretchen.

You are now the showbiz news face of TV Patrol. How does it feel being on popular news program?

It has always been a dream to be part of TV Patrol. Since I was a kid, I’ve already envisioned that somehow I would be doing what I’m doing now, being a field reporter and at the same time an anchor of the entertainment and sports segments, which is nice since I’m an athlete myself. Since I’m an only child, I remember mimicking how they deliver the news in front of the mirror and now it has become a reality. I really believe that when you work hard for something and really put your mind and heart into it, and you’re passionate about what you really want, then someday...somehow....

How is it working with news legends...let’s talk about them one by one. Noli de Castro?

It’s a great honor to be working with de Castro. I was and still am a huge fan of his, especially during his Magandang Gabi Bayan days.

On TV he appears to be very serious, but behind the camera whenever we have the chance to chat in between commercial breaks, he would mentor me on how to better do this and that, and he even suggested to do a walking shot for my “Star Patrol” segment and put emphasis on my poses when I deliver my spiels.

He is very generous in sharing his experiences and what he has learned from being in the industry and politics for so long. He also has a great sense of humor, his side comments lightens the newscast and I admire how grounded he is and his willingness to share his knowledge to me

Ted Failon?

I’ve known Failon since our dzMM days because I was an anchor for Sportstalk back in 2004 and Failon always has the best punchlines. He knows how to make you feel good about yourself, especially at times when you don’t feel so confident about yourself. He gives tips on how to do this and that with conviction, so that when you deliver your spiel, do public speaking or anything that involves delivering the news to the public, you look credible and respectable. He also has a great sense of humor—him and “Kabayan” Noli together are a dynamic duo.

What about Korina Sanchez?

Sanchez knows this for a fact—she is my idol! Hands down, when I said I was mimicking doing spiels in front of the mirror when I was a kid, the peg was Sanchez. She’s such an inspiration and I continue to have the highest respect of her work ethic, how she wants everything to be perfect. I never thought I would get the chance to work with her and even talk to her at least on a personal level, but thanks to TV Patrol, I got the chance to be with my idol. She suggests things that I could improve on, tells me on how I could angle my stories better, or encourage me to pursue stories of great public interest.

How does it feel being compared with past Star Patrollers and even the other showbiz news anchors of other news programs?

I don’t mind being compared with others, that’s how it is in the business. I don’t dwell on that though.

All I know is that I am focused on what I’m doing and that whenever I do my work, I do it the best way I can.

Not only do you read the news but you also actually go out and look for stories. What makes your job so exciting?

It’s exciting because there is no single day that’s the same; every day is an adventure. I get to meet new people, celebrities, foreign stars or superstars—what more could I ask for?

Some people do not know about your behind-the-scenes work as a reporter and dismiss you as just the pretty, sexy bombshell of the ABS-CBN News department. What can you say about this?

Thank you for even being considered that, but I can’t control what others think. As we always say, we can’t please everyone but I guess my work as a reporter would substantiate my hard work behind the scenes. It’s not all glitz and glamor being a showbiz reporter. You need a lot of patience and what people don’t see is the hours we devote to getting our stories, reaching out to our subjects, especially when it comes to controversial reports. It can be like going through an eye of a needle sometimes.

Some people also dismiss you as to comment?

I always get that, but everyone who gets a chance to talk to me and see the real me would invariably say, “Hindi ka naman pala mataray eh” or “Ang hyper and kulit mo pala”.

You also do The Wrap on Studio 23. How does it differ from your TV Patrol gig?

The Wrap features all the highlights of local, Hollywood, Korean/Asian pop, sports and everything that is “in” and what’s being talked about. The show is really for the fans and what you see in the show is the real Gretchen: light and bubbly.

You’ve been in the business even longer than what most people readily assume. How do you sum up your experiences in the industry so far?

Like a rollercoaster! It’s a lot of fun but also with tons of sweat and tears, sacrifices and everything you can think of!

What is the most fulfilling part of your work?

Being able to touch the lives of other people and being able to share my knowledge, the stories I encounter. Being able to interview stars is just a bonus, but I’m happy to be doing what I’d always dreamt of doing. And I’m very thankful that there are people who believe in me, and because of that I will continue to do my best and improve on my craft.

Article from Joe Valle of Business Mirror

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