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KARO Fan Interview: Getting In Touch with Jan and Mark (Part 2)

Jan Enero with Mark Mahusay and Ms. Ging Reyes

Meanwhile, Jan is somewhat different from any other chatters I knew. Last December, I met him at The Loop for my Birthday EB (Actually, our first meeting. ^_^ ). He takes the newsroom closer as a larger place than he was expected.

Here's our very happy and relevant conversation via Facebook. I think there would be a second interview because he had a lot of trivias (Oh my God. Kulang pa ang isang blog nito. May Part 3 pa ba? hahaha) about TV Patrol and other things about ABS-CBN.

Jan: For the moment let's just begin here at FB chat.

Jessy: ok so let's begin

Jan: 1st question ngayon na!

Jessy: have you been dreaming of become a reporter? question from KSY

Jan: I dreamt of being a reporter before but I realized that me as reporter will remain a dream."Wala akong magagawa-tanggap ko na ito talaga-pangarap lang kita"--that's what I can say. Parang sa isang sikat na kanta di ba?

Jessy: hahaha...nice! How's your first visit inside the newsroom?

Jan: 1st visit in the newsroom--iba pala pag personal mong binisita ang News Room. I've got glimpses of that in various broadcasts of ABS-CBN. Iba talaga noong Thu night. Parang I'm seeing PH history being recorded in that place.
All events that eventually become PH history--nasa ABS-CBN News Room.

Jessy: anu ang naging impression mo sa newsroom?

Jan: Akala ko noong una ay malawak talaga ang newsroom. I was fooled by the lenses Siksik talaga sa tao at gamit ang newsroom pero maganda.Una ako'y nabigla. I was thinking:is that for real? I never knew malapit lang pala ang Office of the Senior VP for News-sa loob pa ng News Room. And News Room is at ground floor along with DZMM, DWRR, News Studios. Inside the News Room literally is the ABS-CBN News Channel newscasts' studio.

Jessy: malapit lang pala ang newsroom? still wondering ha? hahaha

Jan: It's just at the left portion of the old ABS-CBN building. Akala ko nga nasa ELJ Building ang ABS-CBN News Center. Anyway, let's go for the next series of questions...

Jessy: Ok. Sino pa ang nameet mong taga-TVP?

Jan: At News Room where news that become PH history is being chronicled, I met some prominent members of who take charge of the TV Patrol chat. I met @shiereyes. Wanting to meet @barrycyrus and @nikkidlsantos but they're not around the news room. Also veteran TV Patrollers like Jing Castaneda, Stanley Palisada & Tony Velasquez were inside the News Room. Alvin Elchico & Lynda Jumilla were inside DZMM studio. Of course I met Mark and Ms. Arlene. And of course, I met Ms. Ging Reyes.

Jessy: Aside from that, how will you celebrate 25th anniversary of TV Patrol which is next year?

Jan: hahaha I don't know-one thing is for sure-I will go home early on 3-2-2012 to catch the newscast. And of course will try to connect to that chat.

Jessy: Are they very nice to you?

Jan: Funny. Nakita ko sina Sir Alvin at Ms Lynda as they were arguing over DZMM. Ms Jing was in a hurry. Sir Tony was preparing then for Rundown on News Channel. But I was able to say Hi to Stanley Palisada.Sir Stanley said Hi to me too. Ms. Ging and I talked at length. Ms. Jing, upon knowing me who visited News Room, even tweeted this morning "You should have said Hi!" They're nice. Oo nga pala-for the benefit of our tweeps: Ms. Ging is Ms Ging Reyes, Ms. Jing is Ms. Jing Castaneda. Sana di lahat confused

Jessy: The only difference is the spelling. hahaha

Jan: Oh yes the veteran TV Patrollers I saw on my visit are on Twitter: @kakanturing, @stanleypalisada, @jingcastaneda.
We have Ms Arlene, the chief admin of the chat box. We have @shiereyes who likes the song On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez even at work. We have Ms. Ging Reyes, the overall head of News. We have Sir Jojo Pasion Malig @The_CopyEditor, David Dizon and other peeps who do stuff for

Jessy: wish I was there. Which people inside the newsroom do you admire most and why?

Jan: Teamwork, dedication, diligence--that's all what I can say as per why.

Jessy: if you can bring one gift that something special, what gift will you give to Ms. Ging and why?

Jan: Ay-mapapaisip ako nito...

Jessy: hahaha

Jan: It can be a prayer book, or devotional... It can be something to eat that she can share with the News Room peeps.That's what I can think of for now.

Jessy: oh!!! maganda yan.Nice gift.hahaha. Any message for all TVpeeps and the newsroom people?

Jan: Sa mga TV Peeps, tuloy-tuloy pa rin ang pagtutok sa ating newscast. Anuman ang suhestyon, opinyon, o mungkahi para sa mas matatag, mas improved, mas pinabuting TV Patrol, ikalat sa chat box, sa Twitter, kahit saan.To all ABS-CBN News Team members, I know you had your share of hits and misses, rooms of improvement great and small, and shining moments. It can't be denied that a news person's job is round the clock-kaya saludo ako sa inyong lahat. Ituloy ninyo lang ang pinakapurong paglilingkod bayan sa pagbabalita kahit pa batuhin pa kayo ng intriga, kontrobersya, kumpetisyon o malisya ng bias. Patuloy pa rin kayong "Dapig sa Kamatuoran-Dapig sa Katawhan!"
Same goes for all previous and current anchors of TV Patrol.

Jessy: ah it can make a big history since they are turning 25 this 2012

Jan: Yes indeed. I hope it will go on longer like UK'S BBC Newscasts & ITV News @ 10, Australia's ABC News @ 7 & Network Nine News, US' NBC Nightly News, other long-running newscasts worldwide.

Jessy: Me too sana abutan pa yan ng magiging anak ko in the near future. Ipagmamalaki ko na dyan ako sumali sa TVPeeps.dyan nabuo ang totoong ako.

Jan: Dapat nga naka-pose ako na may katabing tag na "I Love" na nasa PC monitor lang ni Ms. Arlene. Naalala ko na lang nitong umaga-mild case of forgetfulness. Do you know what? Dahil sa mild case of forgetfulnews ayun nagpa-pic ako. Here it is: (please click here to go to site)

Jessy: sa lahat ng TV Patrol versions na napanood mo sa buong Pilipinas, alin dyan ang mas nag-improve at alin sa kanila ang kelangan mag-improve?

Jan: In Luzon-the most improved since I watched the 1st time were 2: Isabela and Batangas.In the Visayas:hands down to Cebu.In Mindanao it's CDOC.For further improvements I want to see a more improved Pampanga edition in Luzon, Iloilo edition in Visayas & Butuan edition in Mindanao. I think Davao edition is A-OK, yup. Well expect the punch from Mayor Sara Duterte to be big news on Davao TV Patrol.Regional reports are A-OK so far.Besides Butuan, I need to see a more improved Gensan edition. Hope you have a record of our chat BTW . It's more of manpower I would like to emphasize-I can't believe there are 3-man news teams in some regions who were able to work.And I hope editions from Cotabato, Butuan, Palawan (+Dipolog if true) will be seen on the main TV Patrol website.That's for the most comprehensive regional news coverage for the website, right? In Ilocos, Pampanga, Palawan, Butuan, Cotabato: I hope there will be more reporters for those regions.I mean 4-man news teams not 3 as earlier stated.

Jessy: One last question. How did you start as a brilliant supporter of TV Patrol?

Jan: 1989/1990 I began watching TV Patrol w/Noli, Mel, Angelique & Frank. Parang habit ko na ito. Napahanga ako ng TV Patrol sa kakayahan ng ABS-CBN na maglingkod sa bayan sa pagbabalita at iba pang anyo ng serbisyo publiko. Kahit pa binato pa sila ng intriga o sigaw ng bias, tuloy pa rin sila. Isa pa TV Patrol has covered the news becoming PH history eventuall--no other show does that than TV Patrol.Kahit pa binato pa sila ng intriga o sigaw ng bias, tuloy pa rin sila sa pagbabalita. At nag-improve naman sila over time di ba?

Jessy: so how do you see all of the changes of TV Patrol matapos na pagkagastusan ni Sir FMG ang lahat lahat ng kagamitan ng TVP?

Jan: It went better and it keeps getting better.

Well, thanks Jan for answering my question. It was supposed to set for another interview. But we finished the interview late at night katapat pa ng Bandila. Hahaha. It was a very funny and awesome interview. Hope to meet you again. :)

Jan Enero loves ABS-CBN News

Special interview by Jessy

Editors Note: Thanks to Jan and Mark Francis for the very special and rushed interview. Ako talaga ang nag-isip ng plano eh. Hahaha. Sorry if there is something wrong with my grammar because I'm practicing pa naman. Kaya co-author lang ang trabaho ko. But it's worth it. Andami kong natutunan coming from your story. Sana magkita-kita tayong muli. :)

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