Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Patrol ng Pilipino takes a look at Vizconde massacre case (07.05.2011)

MANILA, Philippines -- Two decades have passed, and so has the 20-year prescriptive period that allowed the filing of any case related to the Vizconde Massacre case. Will Lauro Vizconde be able to finally rest the case of his viciously slain family?

June 30, 1991, Lauro Vizconde’s wife and two daughters were killed inside their ParaƱaque home. It was only after 10 years that the court found the accused Hubert Webb, Peter Estrada, Hospicio Fernandez, Michael Gatchalian, Antonio Lejano II and Miguel Rodriguez guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

But ten years later, the accused were acquitted.

Following the acquittal, President Noynoy Aquino ordered the reinvestigation of the Vizconde Massacre case.

The National Bureau of Investigation, together with the Department of Justice, found evidence and witnesses. And again, this rekindled Lauro’s hope of justice for his family.

While some were happy with the reinvestigation, this decision also had its fair share of criticisms.
For the Webbs, they said they have suffered long enough with Hubert Webb’s imprisonment. They questioned the revival of the case.

The investigation on the Vizconde Massacre may seem to be closed, but Lauro Vizconde continues to live without his family.

Although acquitted, the 10 years spent by the accused in prison can never be brought back.
In the end, neither party may have really been served justice or got close to finding the truth.
Is this the kind of justice that we can hope for in the country?

Jing CastaƱeda reports on Patrol ng Pilipino, Tuesday night after Bandila. 

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