Friday, July 1, 2011

Fan Features: TV Patrol Peeps Invade ABSCBN News and Current Affairs department on 1st Year Anniversary of TVPeeps Group

TV Patrol Peeps' Jan Enero (tvpatrolkid) and Mark Mahusay (markmahusay/marko1986) were visited the News Department of ABSCBN on 1st Anniversary of TV Patrol chat and TV Peeps Group founded by MS Arlene Burgos of ABSCBN Interactive.

It supposed that would be a Grand Eye Ball but due on conflict schedules of our dearest  Diosa Arlene and other TVPeeps, Thus, there has no big celebrationHowever, we still celebrate our first-year anniversary through joining TVPatrol chat room and greet other fellow tvpeeps. And we bring back the memories. Jan and Mark have chosen to go to ABSCBN Studio to greet and meet our Diosa Arlene personally. 

They were also lucky when met Ging Reyes, head of ABSCBN News and Current Affairs. And they gave a precious gift for the News Team. The ABSCBN News and Current Affairs Logo Artwork created ​​by Mark. 

Again, Happy Anniversary TV Peeps! Isang taon ng pagsasama. Isang Taon ng pagkakaibigan,  Isang taon ng baliktaktakan. Isang taong minsan naging mainit ang ulo dahil sa issue.Isang taon din ng bangayan. Isang taon ng kakulitan. At isang taon ng kaligayahan!!!!

Pahabol po, Please pray for our fellow TV Peeps and Failonians President Bai Cory "Princess" Ork Tee and her family in Davao. Hoping they will be safe in Davao. Also for all people in Davao. Mga kababayan ni Papu idol, Alex Santos

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