Thursday, June 23, 2011

TV Patrol's Weather Update makes the reporters more challenging

Tropical Depression "Falcon" gets stronger and faster as the storm moves away from the country until weekend. This headline has something to do with the reporters of TV Patrol more difficult in their job. But,in despite of bad weather that may bring more rains and flashfloods, they made their job very well. That is why TV Patrol has its slogan "Patrol ng Pilipino" for the sake of the televiewers to make them more vigilant and more alert on the weather bulletin.

Jeff Canoy live from Manila

Jeff Canoy taught at first that their team can't make it to bring the live report due to heavy rains and strong winds. He was still on stand by when the bad effect of the LPA (Low Pressure Area) affects him. But, they are both safe while doing their live report.

On the headlines, Ryan Chua doing his live report from Valenzuela, but it was repeated due to lost of the audio in his microphone while delivering his report. But then, he continued after they fixed the technicalities. Aside from heavy rains, he is also standing in the flooded area wearing his slippers just to finish the live report.

Meanwhile, TV Patrol weatherman Kuya Kim Atienza made his attempt to do his weather and traffic report from Roxas Boulevard. He is considered as the most resourceful because he is wearing his hat and doesn't blow away from his head. And his IPad also put inside the plastic to avoid getting wet. It was unbelievable when he brought the update, the rain gets stronger. But, he finished it in a nice way.

Kuya Kim's report in Roxas Boulevard.

This reporters have made the right choice to deliver their reports quickly and accurately rain or shine. I admired these people. Nice work for them. And take care always.

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