Friday, June 17, 2011

What a busy day for Anthony Taberna this Friday.

Iba Balita Ngayon anchors Tony Velasquez and Lynda Jumilla is missing in yesterday's newscast. Because of that, ABS-CBN reporter Jasmin Romero and Iba Balita (Primetime Edition) anchor Anthony Taberna took over to them. It seems to be his busy day for Anthony aside from Dos Por Dos and Umagang Kay Ganda stint, he is doing his first-ever news stint in the morning edition of Iba Balita Ngayon. It's a great father's day for him as he has given a surprise video from his wife and children earlier in UKG.

Here are some of the photos from their news stint. Thanks Jasmin Romero for the pictures. :)

Meanwhile, in the afternoon edition of Dos por Dos, he is trying to get a joke from the lovers of Dr. Jose Rizal when Adolf Hitler is somewhat related to Josephine Bracken. But it is only a joke when he told the listeners that it's because of the height of Hitler and Rizal. According to Teejay Corea, it's not true that Hitler and Rizal have a relationship and it is only a joke. I can't laugh at all because it's something corny but very cute. Hahaha. :)

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